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An Affordable, Reusable, Revenue Generating Race Schedule App Provider.

Finally, a paper-less way to connect with guests to deliver an unforgettable experience during Live and Loud race events.

About Us

Born from the love of dirt track and motocross racing and a way to connect the fans to the action.  We developed an iPhone Dirt Track Race Schedule App that connects you to the track, it’s amenities, it’s history, the racers, their sponsors; all real-time updated throughout the event, after every heat and the feature race.  It’s an App you control that generates revenue for your event or venue!

If you’re a Race Director or Track owner, This Is Your Solution.  We developed an affordable and reusable App that can do all that AND, with it’s “Live Chat” page, you can connect with other fans to let them know exactly what you think of the race or racers.  It’s ready to go, straight out of the box!  Just add your tracks details, racers and other event details through the easy to use database administration section.

Contact us today to get the details of this affordable, revenue generating, real-time multi-event dirt track race scheduling App for your dirt track race venue.  Click here to download and example of the App from the App Store.


Want to see how this Multi-Event Dirt Track Race Schedule App can make your track guest experience unforgettable?  Watch this quick video highlighting the pages and content you’ll be able to control on your very own iPhone App!  Contact us today to order yours for the up coming race season!  Explore the App for yourself on the Apple App Store!


We’ve done all the work and made it an affordable venture for you and your track.  With 3 different options, you’ll have an App ready in days instead of months.

  • choose your plan

  • Initial Start-up cost
  • When you pay annually...
  • Support
  • Support tickets per month
  • App updates
  • Starter

  • $499

    per month

    minimum 3 months

  • $0
  • Includedyes
  • 3
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  • Plus

  • $199.99

    per month

    1 year term

  • $99
  • Save 20%
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  • 5
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  • Platinum

  • $139.99

    per month

    3 year term

  • $399
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  • 7
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The approximate minimum cost of a Database driven App is $8000 (source - http://www.bluecloudsolutions.com/blog/cost-develop-app/) and involves months of planning and design work.  BUT this reusable and updatable iPhone race track app is ready to go, saves you money and, more importantly, time.

The Race-Connection Dirt Track Race Schedule App has a listing of the dirt track events details like the time of the Hot Laps and Heat starting times.  The Menu lists the Schedule, Drivers, Heats, All Track info with maps, Concessions, Gifts, Today’s Special offer (could be food, drinks, 1/2 price tickets to up coming events), a secure Live Chat Section and a Contact page.  Everything your Dirt Track needs to make your guests experience unforgettable.

Since it’s a Mobile App, and not a Mobile website, you have the power to send “Push Notifications” to each device.  This is a powerful tool, informing guests about sales at your concessions, upcoming events, even lost items; You have complete control over the information sent to your guests.

Race-Connection Program Schedule Screen Shot Race-Connection App Menu image Race-Connection Track Info Screen Shot Race-Connection Contact Info Screen Shot Race-Connection Live Chat Screen Shot

All of the Data needed is easily added through a secure server and updated in Real-Time.  Placeholders for advertisements are included in the App launch sequence and at the bottom of the main menu.  YOU sell THAT space on your own to generate revenue.

Take your Tracks’ guest experience to the next level and contact us today!  Download an example version from the Apple App Store Here!

10 Reasons to Buy

Top 10 Reasons your Dirt Track Events need a Dirt Track Race Schedule App

Smart phones have become omnipresent in today’s day and age; everyone seems to have one.  Mobile Apps are the norm and extremely popular for conference events so why shouldn’t you have one for your Dirt Track or Racing Oval event?  As a Track Owner or Race Director, you can capitalise on the opportunities that an easy to use and really affordable mobile App offers.  Race Connection provides a reusable Multi-Event Dirt Track Race Schedule App for races or events for unbelievably low prices!

If you’re thinking about taking your track or event guests experience to a whole other level of fun, below are 10 reasons that will convince you that 2014 is your year.

  1. Having a reusable multi-event Dirt Track Race Schedule App is a great way to engage current or potential visitors with up to the minute information like the event Schedule, Drivers, Heats, All Track info with maps, Concessions, Gifts, Today’s Special offer (could be food, drinks, 1/2 price tickets to up coming events), a secure Live Chat Section and a Contact page.
  2. It was designed and developed for any race event with heats and It’s available for all types of racing events, from Motocross to Sprint Car Racing to Cyclocross to Speed Skating to Boat and Air Racing and the list goes on!
  3. Our App provides an an opportunity to inform guests about concession items, gifts and souvenir sales and special products, increasing event revenue!
  4. Customers are kept up to date with current and upcoming events with Push Notifications.
  5. Generate Revenue within the App with advertising placing holders.  Best thing about that, you choose the companies that advertise!
  6. Eliminates the need to constantly print event programs saving you money. Customers can view the line up or program through the App on their mobile phone, prior to and on the day of the event!
  7. It’s free for your customers to download the your event’s mobile App from the App Store.  Android version coming in 2014.
  8. This App is 100% reusable! Most App developers will charge you for just one (1) event but this Multi-Event, Reusable App will last you THIS SEASON, NEXT SEASON AND BEYOND!
  9. The App is easy to use & update and is maintain by you.  Technical support provided.
  10. 2014 will find many racing tracks offering a mobile solution for their guests.  Don’t get left behind!  Increase your revenue today, Call Us Now!

Race-Connection.com is operated by race lovers for race lovers.  Check out a quick video about the App on the video page and if you have any questions, or if you’d like to order an App for your Track or Event, call 604-219-4241 or email connect@race-connection.com, or just buy it here!


The Race Connection App is a powerful tool for any race event with Heats.  It displays everything a race track or events needs to connect the guests to the action.

This Reusable, Customizable, Revenue Generating App is easily updated to highlight your Track/Event Schedule, Drivers, Heat Participants, Heat Winners, Sponsors, Concession/Souvenir sale items and Track location with Directions. It also has a secure Live Chat function so fans can connect with each other during the event. It even has placeholders for advertisements so your App can generate revenue for the track, something all track owners will love.

See the App in Action here! - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dirt-track-race-schedule/id853028768?mt=8


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