Race Connection is an Affordable, Revenue Generating, Real-Time Event Scheduling App for your Event or Race Venue.

If you’re a Race Director, Festival Organizer or Track Owner, This Is Your Solution. We developed an affordable and reusable App that interactively connects with guests during events. It’s ready to go, straight out of the box! Just add your events details, participants and other event details through the easy to use database administration section.

A Race Connection App connects you to the event location or track, its amenities, its history, the racers; all real-time updated throughout the event, after every heat and the finale. From Dirt-Track Racing to Motocross, Dragon Boating to Skeleton, Speed Skating to Cycling criteriums, even Air Racing and Stadium Super cross – connect with your audience to drive revenue today!

Contact us today to get the details of this affordable, revenue generating, real-time multi-event race event scheduling App for your Sprint Car, Air Race, Dragon Boating, Speed Skating, Cycling Criterium, Bobsled, Skeleton, Motocross, Rowing, Super-Cross, Archery, Kayak, Velodrome, Spartan/Tough Mudder, Cycle-cross, Go-Kart Race Event.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love Our Apps

Revenue Generating

All Apps come complete with Revenue Generating Ad Placeholders, making you money!

Amazing App Feature

You control the Ad, sell the space and generate revenue for your Race Event, Charity, Race Track or Festival. This Feature offsets the price of the App.

Custom Appearance

We design and develop your App using your brands color palette, logos and images, making your Event look Amazing!

Amazing App Feature

Our design and development team will customize your App with your Logo’s and color scheme because, well, it’ll be YOUR App.

Real-Time Updating

Gone are the days of printing paper schedules, your App will display and update event data instantaneously!

Amazing App Feature

Printed event schedules inevitably change. Why spent money printing when you can display, and update, all event info on demand.

Easy To Use Admin

Our Updated, Database Driven, Admin Section makes it Easy to add event data quickly and efficiently.

Amazing App Feature

Event Schedule, Racers, Heat Participants, Race Results, Concessions, even a Gifts + Souvenirs section are all easily updated with our Powerful PHP Driven Admin section.

It's Reusable!

Your App is Reusable and it will display all of your weekly races, monthly race series or annual event or festival!

Amazing App Feature

You add the event data for your events in advance. You can create and post up to 15 events in the future bringing your guests back time and time again.

Push Notifications

Proactively connect with event guests, visitors, even participants through Push Notification Alerts.

Amazing App Feature

Alert event guests about important event schedule updates, concession stand promotions, souvenir item sales, even track down a lost child with your Apps “Push Notification” module.

Available In Any Language

From Russian to German, Spanish to Portuguese, the Race Connection App can be developed in ANY language needed!

Amazing App Feature

Our Team of translation experts create eloquently colloquial copy, words locals in certain countries use everyday making our Apps fit right in locally during events.

PayPal Integration!

The Race Connection App can easily and seamlessly collect donations through its' PayPal module!

Amazing App Feature

All Race Organizers know donations help run events. With the optional PayPal module (quotes on request) you can easily collect donations straight into your bank account!

Bulk Data Uploads

Have LOTS of race data, like Heat participants, to upload at once? No Problem with our bulk upload database links!

Amazing App Feature

No-one likes uploading loads of data so we created a bulk upload link to take your blues away! Using a .CSV file you can easily add your data to your secure admin section.

We’ll Make Your Events Look Amazing!

Personalized Branded Content

Your logo’s, color combinations, backgrounds and even menu tab names are personalized in your Custom App.

An Engaged Audience Spends More

As a Track Owner or Festival Organizer, generating revenue is paramount and every dollar counts. Engage your audience to drive concession and souvenir sales during your event!

Rocket Fast Updates

The secure, database driven admin section efficiently updates race results on-the-fly keeping your guests informed, engaged and intune with event activities.

Real-Time Updates, Anytime – Anywhere!

Race Connection Mobile Event App

Instantaneous updates at Live & Loud events are crucial to its success.  Think about these questions…

  • Did you ever try to listen to the announcer, on the PA, at a Dirt Track race?
  • Can you guess the paddlers in the Dragon Boats from where you’re standing at the event?
  • In-between races, wouldn’t it be great to know what food is available and where the washrooms are exactly?

Well, the Race Connection App displays all of this important information AND generates revenue for your track or festival charity event.  Starting at $2499.00 USD, its the most cost effective way to connect with attendees at your event.  Contact us today to find out how this Custom App can increase your event attendees and increase revenue.

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Beautiful User Interface

interfaceUsing the latest development software, we’ve designed a beautiful App that seamlessly works on both Apple IOS and Android mobile devices.  We also added the most important information needed at Race Events, here are the pages included in your package.

  • Detailed Event Schedule
  • Race Participants with Bio’s
  • Extensive Heat Listings
  • Race Results with Times
  • Event Info with Race Venue Maps
  • Concession & Souvenirs Listing
  • Secure Live Chat Section
  • Contact Page
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Screenshot Candy

Everyone loves looking at eye candy, check out ours.

Who Are We

Built by Race Lovers for Race Lovers!

Race Connection Apps was founded on the belief that just going to a race or event and sitting there, well, sucks! We wanted to know what was going on, where it was happening and with whom!  We found a way to engage with Race Fans to give them the info they craved for, all at an affordable price.  As the most cost effective event scheduling App in world, the Race Connection Apps connect you to the event location or track, its amenities, its history, the racers; all real-time updated throughout the event, after every heat and the finale.  Contact us today and we’ll analyze your race event, festival or annual event for free to show you why your business needs this solution.

Skills We Use

Objective-C 95%
User Interface 89%
App Design 97%
Coffee Consumption 90%

Team Members

Eric Skrecek

As the chief “Tinker-er”, Eric is a diligent mechanical engineer and verified electronics geek who’s best work is yet to come.

Favorite Food: I Love Bananas!

Milan Skrecek

The founder of Race Connection, and a pretty slick Multimedia Designer, Milan enjoys cycling, good design, the show Jeopardy and Sushi!

Favorite Quote: Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Romit Arora

Romit is the newest member of the Race Connection Team and has single-handedly taken our Apps from a utility product to an award winning business solution!

Favorite Vacation Destination: Boracay

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